My new strategy for tackling the pile of unread books before buying new books!

I’ve stacked all my unread books against one wall.I’ve written each book’s name on a slip of paper and put them all in a jar.I pull one out of the jar and that’s what I read next. When I finish I’m then gonna move that book into a new stack of read books until there’s only one stack :DI might also write a rating/mini review on each slip of paper and keep them or make a collage.33 books in all… wish me luck! :DEdit: some common questions:Don’t you choose a book according to your mood etc in the moment? I’m super indecisive to the point where sometimes I won’t read at all because I can’t decide what to readDoesn’t it suck the joy out forcing yourself to read things? I’m pretty brutal, if I’m not enjoying something it’s gone. These are mostly books I’ve started once upon a time and enjoyed but life got in the way. I’ve had some up to 15 years and they’ve moved house with me etc. So I’m weirdly attached to them in a way. I wouldn’t force myself to read anything I hated.I’d love to do this but have too many unread books I’ve suggested to some people they could maybe divide them into themes and concentrate on one theme per month or something. Some people have suggested you don’t need a ‘game’ to read and for some people that might be true. However I genuinely struggle with finding time and motivation to read, even though I really enjoy it, it’s so much easier to just put the TV on or start playing solitaire. So anything that motivates me or makes it a bit more fun, is helpful for me 🙂 via /r/books

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