I built an open-source Slack skin for Reddit!

Hey Slackers, meet Redackt! Inspired by pcottle’s MSOutlookit, I decided to build my own Slack-like skin for Reddit. Now you can pretend to be messaging your colleagues, while actually browsing your favorite subreddit. This was my first big project in React, but it was a lot of fun and taught me a lot. I’m also making it completely open source so you guys can help me make this a truly wonderful time-waster! I wanted to make it as functional as possible so I added stuff like:Dark ModeThreadsAdd/Remove SubsSearchLikes/GildingsI’d love your help with the issues that the app has, and you can get more info on the readMEDisclaimer: Obviously, I don’t own Reddit or Slack, just wanted to make something cool combining the two!See it hereGitHub RepoLet me know what you think or join me in building something awesome! via /r/Frontend

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